Sunday, 27 February 2011

A fun day on the M/V Oktavia

At M/V OKTAVIA we see our social responsibility as a vital part of our business. We continuously work on improving and increasing our efforts, because this is an area where the job is never done.

One of our favorite charities is Home & Life, a home for orphans in Thai Muang, located between Phuket and Khao Lak, founded and operated by Khun Root and his wife, Khun Rose. Read more about Home & Life here.

In October 2010 our operations manager, Karin, visited the home and immediately had the idea to give the children a fun day out, a break from everyday life. And that's exactly what she organized.

On February 26, children older than 4, staff and volunteers were invited for daytrip on the M/V OKTAVIA. 17 kids and 6 adults had a great day of fun, games and of course food. Highlights of the day were when some of the kids caught a big fish while we were cruising up the coast and later, when all kids jumped in the sea, swimming and playing - quite a sight with 17 kids wearing bright orange life vests, swimming around the Oktavia :) After the swim we started our cruise back towards Tap Lamu. Exhausted, most kids went to sleep in the guest cabins, while others looked through fish identification books or played games. Our videographer, Cinzia, joined the trip as well - and now Home & Life has a DVD with memories of their day on the ocean.

M/V OKTAVIA continuously supports Home & Life in any way we can, for example by collecting donations from our guests and friends. This week alone we've received 1.000 Baht worth of donations - enough for a week's consumption of eggs. K. Root and the kids of Home & Life already look forward to the Oktavia trip next year - and so do we :D

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Welcome to the M/V Oktavia Experience

We're welcoming you to our new blog where we'll keep you updated on the M/V Oktavia.......

The Similan and Surin National Parks are closed 1st May through 31st October and so the season 2010-11 is coming to an end. We still have two more cruises to go though, and conditions have been great lately with lovely weather, the sea calm as a bathtub and sightings of both Manta Rays and Whale Sharks :)

Kulan, Bernie and Karin are still in Khao Lak and look forward to going on the trip  April 23-27 together for some fun diving. Samme is already working in Indonesia and most of our freelancers have left town.

We'll keep you posted.........