April 1 – 6, 2011: A birthday and no April’s fool ;)

On this trip we were happy to welcome back Leslie. Maybe that’s not an accurate description though…..

Leslie was on the Oktavia trip March 26 – 31, which was cut short because of a storm front passing the Similans :( Three guests were able to change their schedules and join us on the first April trip instead: Leslie, Alex & Linus.

On this trip Catherine from Switzerland finished her Rescue Diver course with Bernie. Sven-Arne from Norway earned his Enriched Air Diver certification and Swedish Erik can now call himself an Advanced Open Water diver. Well done and congratulations to you all J

We were also very happy to welcome Andrea and Markus from Austria and George, who “only” joined us three days. You were great company and we hope to welcome you back onboard J

The first two days of this cruise we had family Hansen & Windfeld onboard the Oktavia. Mom Louise and dad Rene are Danish, but they live in Nepal with their three sons – and the whole family came to Thailand on holiday. Rene was diving together with Alexander (11) while Louise chilled with Christoffer (6). The trip was special for Sebastian: he did a Bubblemaker with our instructor Rachel, and celebrated his 9th birthday on the Oktavia. We’d organized a surprise birthday cake and luckily there was enough for everyone ;)

We’re always happy to arrange surprises, so please let us know if you are celebrating something special while you’re with us – we’ve had wedding proposals, birthdays, honeymoons and wedding anniversaries so far and we’re happy to expand our repertoire :D

A big thank you to Rene Taus Hansen for supplying all the pictures for this entry.

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