April 7 - 12, 2011: UW Paparazzi Alert

On this cruise we were very excited to present our first UW photo workshop on the M/V Oktavia :D We started a co-operation with well-known, respected and brilliant photographer Adriano Trapani.

Follow this link to see what Adriano wrote on his blog about the cruise  

Adriano includes a buoyancy section in his workshop to address the special circumstances when shooting underwater pictures. This way divers both avoid damaging marine life and learn to improve or develop their photo skills. Thanks to the individual attention, photographers of all levels benefit from the workshop and if you don't have your own camera; no problem: you can rent one for the duration of the cruise.

Season 2011-12 Adriano will hold workshops on the M/V Oktavia on a regular basis - we'll publish the dates well in advance :)

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