Our first cruise of the 2011-12 season is only one month away, and preparations are running at full speed……..

Karin has been back in Khao Lak for a month already, getting all the administration and logistics sorted. She is also busy setting up our brand-new website…

…together with Paul Sant, our new colleague. Paul is a Padi Master Instructor and as our head instructor, he will be in charge of our land-based scuba courses and divemaster internship program. With more than a decade of experience as instructor and having certified nearly 1.000 divers, our students – from beginner to pro – are in safe and good hands with Paul.

Great news: our tourleader, Bernie, is returning again this season – he’ll be in Khao Lak mid October, in time to get the boat ready for our guests. Bernie and girlfriend Stina spent the low season in Malaysia, so they are bound to have some good dive stories to tell ;) Stina will be freelancing for us again this season.

We have a couple of new freelancers this season – together with a couple of the “old” ones. We’ll tell you more about this later ;)

This time of year is always very expensive……….we invest in the safety and comfort of our guests - we believe you are worth it ;)

Our life rafts have just had their yearly inspection, where they are tested for 24 hours and the consumables – such as flares, food rations, first-aid kit – are replaced. It’s expensive, but we sleep better at night knowing that we do everything we can to keep our guests and staff safe.

In terms of comfort we had new cushions and pillows for the sofa’s and comfy-chairs made. The old ones didn’t look too bad – but we can certainly see the difference!

All our tanks and Scubapro regulators have had their annual inspection and service, so they are ready to be brought back to the boat as soon as she comes back from the shipyard on Phuket.

We are leaving for the shipyard tonight and expect to be there for 2 weeks. There are many advantages of having such a big boat, but there is one big disadvantage: we have to take her all the way to Phuket to bring her on land, because the ship-yards here cannot handle a boat her size.

A few boards will be replaced – that’s normal with a wooden boat – and we’ll have her cleaned and painted again. Same Swedish colours of course ;) Some of the furniture will be replaced and the dinghy will have a complete overhaul. We’ll post some pictures on here once she’s back from the shipyard, looking all fresh and shiny ;)

From a booking perspective, things are looking good. We have a couple of full trips already – for instance the Christmas cruise. There are still a few spaces left on the New Years cruise, but that one is filling up quickly as well. For inquiries or bookings please contact Karin anytime on or phone +66 (0)833 904 199. And of course we’ll let you know when the new website is done.

Happy October to everyone

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